Why do I care?

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States
I have worked with children and in public schools for 41 years. I am committed to do everything I can do to help every child have an excellent public school education. I am also committed to the common good of the people of Oklahoma

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


My opponent is no friend of public schools.  He has said publicly that he is in OKC to help morality and God will take care of the finances.  We did not elect him to take care of our morals!   He is an elected representative to take care of the state's business and obligations.  The largest obligation is public schools.

The largest employers in HD76 are public schools.   Brumbaugh has done nothing to help, but has harmed.  He authored and continually supported income tax cut bills which have left our state 1.2 billion dollars short of operating funds.  He supports vouchers to take public money and give it to private schools.

He authored and voted for a bill which would not allow municipalities to set their own pay scales.

He has the Koch brothers' bible, the ALEC book of laws, right on his desk to keep introducing legislation written from afar to hurt mainstream Oklahomans, such as voucher and charter school laws which would dismantle public education even more.

He does not have the best interests of children or the middle class in his sight.

It's time to put a teacher in the legislature.
- We want to actively dismantle tax exemptions for the few and put that money back into the state coffers where:
  • Education funding would be restored and schools could hire teachers instead of letting them go. 
  •  We want Oklahoma to accept Federal health dollars which would stop our hospitals and nursing homes from closing and restore health care to the thousands whose services  have been dropped 
  • We would invest in children who are hurting in dysfunctional families with more services to wrap around those families to bring them up, instead of tearing them down.
  • We  would pay our bills for public services before cutting taxes.  
  • We would invest in more mental health services to get the mentally ill out of the prison system. 
  •  We want to invest in drug treatment programs to get people back on their feet to be functioning citizens
  • We also want public employees to have their retirement systems in tact without ALEC legislation to try to destroy them.
  • We want to let towns and municipalities make their own decisions about their employees' pay and benefits.  
  •  We want to be a shining star state instead of one which lags at the bottom of comparison lists for supporting its citizens.

-We want to lift our citizens up to stand and thereby lift others up until we are all standing tall in this state!

My Reward?

As I was visiting with people at their doors four years ago, a young lady asked me the question, "What is in this for you? Why would you want to do this?  What do you want to get from this?"  and she was talking about my running for this house of representatives' seat.  I was "taken aback".  This was a pretty good question and I had never considered it before.

What is in this for me?  I am not a politician.  I loved teaching.  I gave up something I loved to run for this office (and this is my third attempt.)

The answer I gave the young mom was "I am doing this because I am committed to public education and I had to do more than complain.  I had to try to make a difference and retiring to run was the next step I felt I had to take.

 What am I going to get from running?  I have been able to talk to members of my community about the worth of public education and the need to adequately fund it.  I have been able to "stand up" for children, which has always been my goal....for my children, for my grandchildren, for all children.

It's a good feeling to do, more than to complain, but that good feeling is an afterthought.

Adding my voice to others to make a difference in the educational opportunities for children in public schools, is the reason I am running.  And I will do it again if I do not win.  People who are trying to get rid of public education have to be defeated.  I will keep on trying.    The children of this state are too important for distain.   They are our very special interest!

Glenda Puett

Who I AM

I am a regular person.  
  • I am a retired teacher with 39 years of regular classroom experience and 2 more years        of reading tutoring and subbing
  • I am a wife of a retired government teacher/football coach.
  • I am a mother of two extraordinary daughters.  
    • The older lives in Austin who holds a PhD in Religious Studies and is an adjunct professor at a seminary and a visiting scholar at UT.  She is the founder and director of a non-proffit, the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life
      • She is married to a CTO of an online firm in Austin
      • She is  the mother of two of my precious grandchildren;  a fourth grade son and a first grade daughter
    • The younger lives in Owasso and is a reading specialist for Owasso Public Schools.
      • She is married to Owasso's 7th grade Center's vocal music teacher
      • She is the mother of my other two grandchildren who attend Owasso schools, a third grader son and a Kindergarten son.  In May she will have her third child, a little girl.
  • .
  • I am a CASA volunteer (Court Appointed Child Advocate), where I represent children        in court who have been removed from their homes by DHS.
  • I am a life long learner.  I earned two MEd degrees.   I belong to a book club.  I read as       much as I can.
  •  I CARE!   If I think that something is unfair, I look for ways to solve problems.   I can't       just sit and complain!

  • I am NOT a politician!   I am not looking to further a career, to gain power, to smooze,          to rise in the ranks, etc.  I am just a plain old person who is willing to step up when        injustices happen to people.   The past legislatures have heaped injustice on                      children, my legislator included.   
  • My issues are not political party issues, they are for all people who care about children.
  • I say ENOUGH!
  • I am running for HD 76.
  • I am qualified because I CARE!