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I have worked with children and in public schools for 41 years. I taught elementary school in Mid-Del PS, Norman PS, Watonga PS, Cleveland and Tulsa Union PS. I am committed to do everything I can do to help every child in OK to have an excellent public school education. I am also committed to the common good of the people of Oklahoma

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Which Child Matters the Most?

Which child deserves a quality public education.  Should it just be my grandchildren who I love more than life?   Should it be the children of only those who care about their children's education?  Should it be only the children of those who have enough money to make large donations to their schools?   Should it be only the children of those who live in upper class neighborhoods? 

If I make sure my grandchildren go to an excellent school with great parent support, does it matter that other children have to attend schools where parents struggle to live and can't spend time and effort at school?  Is it OK for wealthier districts to privately raise funds for their schools while others languish?

Does it matter to our country if we have excellent schools for the "haves" and just say "too bad" for the "have nots"?

I say IT MATTERS!  I say every single child in our state deserves an excellent chance to soar through an excellent learning experience.  I say every single child deserves to be in a class where the teacher has time to give that precious mind individual attention and not be overwhelmed by 30 others in the classroom.  I say every single child should be able to learn, receiving any needed extra resource to make that happen.  I say every child should be able to express himself/herself  creatively, being exposed to art and musical enrichment.   I say that every single child should be able to take advanced classes, with a living teacher facilitating discussions.  

 I say my grandchildren are no more important than a homeless child.  I say my grandchildren are no less important than a "bazillionaire's" child.    

I say the years of million dollar cuts have taken a toll on public education's mission to serve all.  I say to all the legislators who say they don't want to just throw money at schools to TRY IT.

I say we have to quit the mindset of just taking care of our "own" and offer promise to all.  I say this is the philosophy of our great country.   Restore America's future by restoring public education.   ENOUGH destruction.
Join me in the fight to restore funding to Oklahoma's public schools!

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